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Next Generation Wi-Fi & Battery Operated Smoke Sensors 

About Us

Qintent Innovations Private Limited, is a Technology & IOT Company based in Pune specializing in the design & manufacturing of state-of-the-art consumer oriented solutions. 

Product: TAURUS i-Sense True Smart Smoke Sensor

Qintent proudly introduces the TAURUS i-Sense, India’s first and only AI-Optimised true smart smoke sensor. The TAURUS i-Sense is a next generation, state-of-the-art, wireless smart smoke alarm system with cloud connectivity that sends advanced alerts to users smart phones via Calls, SMS & App Notifications on a yearly subscription based model. The Taurus i-Sense: Keeps you safe, intelligently. With a next-gen state of the art technology and AI interface that personalizes fire safety keeping YOU in mind like no other smart smoke sensor out there, it is the future of fire detection & safety. And we at Qintent are striving every single day, to better ourselves & bring to every part of India, this uniquely handcrafted convenience & peace of mind for you & your loved ones at the tip of your fingers. Below are the models available:

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1) TAURUS i-Sense SMOKE SENSOR - QSDi(S) (With 2 Year + Battery Life) 

2) TAURUS i-Sense SMOKE + HEAT SENSOR - QSDi(SH) (With 2 Year+ Battery Life) 


1) TAURUS i-Sense SMOKE SENSOR - QSD (S) (With 10 Year Battery Life)

2) TAURUS i-Sense SMOKE + HEAT SENSOR - QSD (SH) (With 10 Year Battery Life)

Product Warranty- 1 Year.

One of the major problems we identified and have addressed to begin with is the very underrated and undermined yet dangerous occurrence of accidental fires and the delay in response due to unforeseen reasons, predominantly delayed or flawed detection in the first place. Especially in a country like India where importance to fire safety is highly underrated and even ignored in most cases, Qintent aims to change that mindset.

The genesis of our very innovation has stemmed from the undeniable fact that traditional & conventional fire detection techniques have remained stagnant for over more than a few decades, with no significant innovations or upgrades by Indian manufacturers in the fire detection domain apart from some major global heavyweights. We set out to change this by redesigning the dynamics of the smoke detector & making it SMART in such a way that it surpasses most global brands in terms of technology and features.

The TAURUS i-Sense is the result of that. With the TAURUS i-Sense, we aim to change the way fires are detected at the initial stage and save as many lives as possible in the process. A truly smart device, coupled with AI-Optimised technology that makes it a smart fit for every home, office, business & commercial space in India


  • Homes (Apartments/Villas/Bungalows): The Taurus I-Sense makes a brilliant fit for every home. be it apartments, villas or bungalows. the stand-alone device with its compact, wireless & diy design fits effortlessly into any new or pre-existing interior without having the need to re-do your walls for wiring or spend that extra cash on installation charges because, you can do it yourself. 
  • With the Covid-19 Pandemic changing life as we know it, a lot many homes in India are now going to see a spur in heightened activities, from kids learning from home, to adults working from home, to home owners depending completely on automated solutions & equipments to get household chores done rather than depend on outside help like maids & cooks that in turn puts homes at an increased risk of accidental fires occurring due to short-circuits caused by overloading and overheating of power points. The Taurus I-Sense will now ensure that homes in India are safer.
  • Offices: The TAURUS i-Sense is also designed to secure small-scale offices from the perils of accidental fires. More often than we realize, we risk loss of expensive office equipment and property to accidental fires caused by short-circuits due to overload of systems and equipment required to function. Whether its servers running 24x7, or expensive equipment or documents that is valuable investments which need to be protected. The TAURUS i-Sense has your back. Offices such as those of Lawyers, doctors, vets, dentists, chartered accountants, corporate, IT, software solutions, government offices, record rooms etc.
  • Shops/Showrooms: A lot of shops and commercial showrooms across India are prone to accidental fires risking loss of inventory and stocks. The TAURUS i-Sense proves to be an intelligent fit for all kinds of shops & showrooms to mitigate risk of loss for owners, be it general or grocery stores, mobile phone stores, jewellery showrooms, designer boutiques, bakeries, hardware/ceramic showrooms, wine shops/liquor stores, home décor showrooms, appliance stores, and a whole lot more.
  • Lifestyle Spaces: The TAURUS i-Sense also effectively secures investments and inventory at everyday lifestyle centers that have a large influx of customers such as and Salons, spas, gyms, yoga & fitness studios. 
  • Warehouses & Go Downs: A very crucial & critical segment that the Taurus I-Sense effectively caters to is all kinds of warehouses, go downs & store houses where large amounts of goods are stocked, which are important investments to owners and need to be protected against the perils of accidental fires at any given time.
  • Restaurants/Cafes/Bars: With constant activity in kitchens and smoking sections for patrons, the TAURUS i-Sense is a smart fit for any small scale restaurant, café or bar in terms of securing inventory, kitchens and interiors against accidental fires and helping owners mitigate risks of loss in such emergencies.
  • Classrooms/Play-Schools: The TAURUS i-Sense provides a safe and sound environment for students in classrooms, be it schools or coaching classes, and for children at play-schools, while parents can be rest assured of the safety of their kids.

Ownership & Structure

Qintent is a privately owned company Headquartered in Pune, India. It has its manufacturing facility in Pune. With major operations in India and in Africa, namely Nigeria, Ethiopia& Kenya. It is a sister concern of Aarcchor Innovations Pvt. Ltd., which is also headquartered in Pune.

The management comes with a richly vast experience of 33 Years in power electronics which includes founding and successfully driving a recognized brand in the power electronics vertical for 25 years, as technology manufacturers of conventional & customized power backup solutions, along with diversifying into renewable energy namely Wind &Solar Energy, and launching innovative products such as ELOS (Emergency Lift Operating System) which has since become the go-to emergency back-up solution for lifts.


Rohit Nair, Director

Rohit leads Qintent and oversees the company’s Domestic & Global Customer Acquisition along with managing a highly versatile operations team that supports Qintent users. In addition, he also works closely with R&D and is instrumental in contributing to the innovations of newer technologies& solutions that capture the pulse of the average consumer, based on his experience in the field.

Prior to this role, Rohit spent eight years at AARCHOR Innovations developing and managing different operations in India and Nigeria. Rohit is a techno-savvy enthusiast; he brings value from his experience in the solar-energy tech world, working in client acquisition marketing and strategy positions in companies such as Mitramax Energy, AARCHOR Innovations and 99acres. Rohit is an MBA in Marketing from Lancaster University (UK). 

We recommend that the usage and installation of the Taurus I-Sense can be limited to applications where no mandatory NOCS complying to BIS standards are required. Such as individual flats, apartments, villas, bungalows, shops/showrooms, individual &small-scale places of business like offices, clinics, classrooms, salons, spas, go-downs/warehouses, storehouses, small-scale restaurants, cafes, gyms, studios, etc. The Taurus I-Sense is en-54 compliant therefore in line with global safety standards.

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